Friday, February 20, 2009


Well today was Snowcoming, which is the basketball season version of homecoming. so after a fun spirit week today was Black and Orange day this is how Staci, Steven and Cam went to school all deck out with 'Tiger Pride'Tonight of course was the dance so it was time to get rid o fall the black and orange after the game and dress for the dance. Well that meant a trip to Tammi's to get the hair done. Thanks Tammi you always do a great job the girls love it.
Then there was a call to Terry our "Go To" guy, the first time for Steven to wear his new we need to tie it!

When it all came together look at the end results.

A beautiful young woman!

And a handsome young man!

I am feeling truly blessed tonight, they a great kids inside and out. Tonight was a night for the outside to shine, and when you take off the tennis shoes and cleats, the tee shirts and jerseys, you really find some good looking young adults, because guess what I don't think we can really call them "kids" any more. (But I will)
Thanks Marcia for the vintage effect on Steven's picture.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Proud of him, Miss him!

Anyone who knows us knows how strongly we feel about our Ida Street family. Well yesterday we had to say good bye to the first one from the block who is growing up and moving on. Our "Big Steven" left today for Georgia he has joined the army. There have been the ups and downs of growing up, the kids have seen tough times and good times together and more than once been there for each other. The porch talks have been filled with card games, laughter, the occasional Mrs. H talk, and even tears. Through it all a strong bond has formed that I believe will survive the test of time and distance. There were tears yesterday and the hug strong enough for "big Steven" to tell "little Steven" , 'hey man my lungs' , Staci gave her hug and left the room quickly.
I hope you know our prayers follow you every day on your new journey, and you always have a place to come back to on Ida Street!
Love you The Henrickson side of your family!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Proud Mom Again

Staci came home this week with an award she earned the last tri of her sophomore year. The sports boosters give a special award to any student athlete who earns a varsity letter and is on the honor roll the same tri that they play the sport, that is what Staci did during the last softball season.Way to go Staci I am so proud of you and the great young lady you are growing into so fast!!
None of us can wait for softball and baseball to start.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring Like Weekend

The guys loved the weather this weekend and were wishing it can stay. Steven would not let me get a picture of him out there swinging his new bat...finally got a Stealth and loving it. For now Staci and Steven have to just enjoy the open gyms but they are both itching to get onto the ball field. Spring cannot come soon enough for the Henrickson house.