Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pictures of the weekend

We had a great time this past weekend, Here is Steven "playing' in Rachael's classroom. The school had an Open House today one of Rachael's parents made sure to tell us what a great teacher is, I think Staci and Steven were very proud of her as much as I was. Steven just was telling stories about Rachael's students and how he was making letters for them and how easily they came up to talk and were not shy, either was Steven! We had a great time at Ed Debevic's. This is Staci in the hat that we all got to wear. In this restaurant they are always making wise cracks, insulting you or playing tricks on you. Staci and I almost screamed out REALLY loud when the waiter faked that he dropped a glass of water in the middle of our table. I am sure we will make our way back for Staci's birthday.

Then of course we spent some time playing games, here is the pic of me I "farkled" and so I had to wear the hat. Thanks so much Rachael for the hospitality, we will be back with grandma and the van(you know what that means)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We are in Chicago having a great time! Cannot wait to get pictures posted, today we did some shopping, the Thrift store was a great hit for us all, the Polish store Oh Oh Oh did we get some good meat. We then went downtown to Ed Debevics sooooo fun(Staci wants to come back for her b-day), and Traders Joe's. Tomorrow we go to Church at Rachael's school then to her Open House. Adalina is taking us to a Mexican restaurant she knows about, Steven cannot wait to get some candy from the Mexican store. Oh boy hope we can get all of our goodies in the car to get back to Michigan.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I had to steal this photo out of the girls file because I thought it is so pretty and creative! They were out and doing shadow shots in the snow. good job Staci and Tracy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where are they now??

Here is a shot from the sidewalk toward the house this past summer,
where are they now??
buried under this huge blanket of snow we have!! If you look closely the little bump of snow at the back of the picture is the top of the fence, this picture is taken from the house toward the sidewalk. You can also just see the top of my sharpening stone, brrrr we are ready for summer!

Love these Michigan seasons!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Report on Steven

I thought I had better wait for Steven to feel better before taking photos of him, so here is a pic of him today in what has been his perch for the week. We went to the Dr for a recheck on Friday Steven is doing lots better, he will have an x-ray in three weeks to be sure the pneumonia is gone.
In the mean time he can begin to resume activities he has been laying off of as long as it is not outside in the temps we have been having. So here's Saturday night at the Henrickson's

Look What I Finished

Way back when I first bought the metal tiles I had planned for them to go into my cabinet, but as I posted before I tried them on the wall and liked it so I had to order more to finish the wall and do the cabinet. Here are a couple shots of the finished room.
By the way Staci came home walked into the kitchen and said I love it,Steven upon hearing this said "Oh no what did you do?" That's my guy who "loves change" NOT!
Staci on the other hand loves to take a risk and try things a little different.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yikes! And I Love This Guy!

I wanted to write a little story on how Steven was going to draw me a picture to tell me how to do the snow blower ( guess I am old enough to need picture diagrams), then I realized I have to tell why I am snow blowing and not Steven. Well it seems my little man has pneumonia!!! After trying to get rid of the cough, two trips to the Dr. and one to ER later, we got a call that hey now that the radiologist read the x-ray Steven needs a stronger dose of meds!!!, he has pneumonia. I am not trying to toot my own horn but I told them he was not right. Anyway bless his heart last night after he had taken all his meds, and was drifting off to sleep, he said mom if you bring me a piece of paper I will draw you a picture of what you have to do to start the snow blower, so sweet! We had quite a bit of snow and were supposed to get allot more today with blowing and drifting. Well we did not get allot today but I did go out and snow blow, with out a picture though I told Steven last night I think if you just tell me I'll be OK :)

Guess what I did a fine job, but Steven did get to laugh because he did not tell me how to turn it off so I had to come in and ask him and he told me it took me a long time too!( Come on I did some of Terry and Marcia's )

Mrs. Morgan came by when I was out there and said what is wrong with our boys? We decided the old people are healthier right now than the young ones, but don't worry boys I've got the snow blower covered, even without a picture!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Let the fun begin My wish for my beautiful daughter...stay strong and happy, strong in your faith, strong in your values, strong in your convictions. Happy with yourself, happy with your family, happy with your friends, and happy with your beautiful smile you share freely. And then there is you my handsome handsome son, for you I also wish your strength and happiness to continue. Your strength in your faith, your strong belief of right and wrong, your strength in support of the under dog. Happiness with yourself, happy with your family and friends, and happy with that giggle that I hope you always keep.

Yes we had fun!

To all of our family and friends it is our prayer for each of you to have health and happiness shared with those you love in the new year.
Treat each day a s a gift and every person as a blessing!
God Bless you all.