Saturday, September 27, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This week was homecoming week in Allegan. Here is a picture of how the kids went to school on clash day, and my favorites from the dance.

Steven' B-day September 17

Well I did not get to take pictures of Steven on his B-Day or post them. He had a soccer game out of town and then went to supper with Grandma and Grandpa, so he had a fun busy day. I am posting a couple of pictures of my handsome son one from the night before school and the other from Homecoming last night.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WOW We have been busy!!

I cannot believe this is the 16th and I have not posted since the first day of school. Both kids are doing well getting into the groove of school, and both are playing soccer. I really like my new teacher she is a very nice person and a good teacher. I am looking forward to getting to know both Christine(our new teacher)and the other aide Terri who is new to the room and also very nice. I must admit I was nervous when Amy and Marilyn were leaving after 10 years we really became more than co workers, but the friendship will continue to last I am sure.
Well tomorrow is Steven's 15th birthday so I am sure I will have pictures to post(weather he likes it or not lol)
Saturday is Staci's U-6 teams first game so I hope to have pictures of that also.
This is it for the night I thought I had better post so we know what we have been up to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Wow! It's evening of the first day of school and I find myself remembering lots of firsts. I know there will be many more to come and I could not be any prouder of the young adults that I live with and that is a first they will always be my "kids" but it is time to call them as they are.. young adults with their own ideas, opinions, and convictions. We have gone from "mommy will you push me?" to "don't push me!", from "Pick me up,and you do it for me please" to "Mom I can do it!" I would have it no other way (most days) The pushing has made two strong individuals, the picking up each other has helped these two great people be there for other friends and family if they need to be "picked up"

It really does not seem like that long ago when these pictures were taken when I look at them, and when I think of the growth that has taken place again all I can say is "WOW God is good!!" I know we may hear that saying often but when looking at Staci and Steven and who they are there is nothing that captures it better!

Look no more little girl but a beautiful, inside and out,

Not a silly little boy but a handsome, and kind,


Just say WOW! And yes they are both taller than the Mom!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The night before school starts!

Yep it's true summer is over and school starts tomorrow!
Here are a few images and comments from
"The Night Before School" "Who says we have to go?'
"If I close my eyes it doesn't have to happen"

"Oh she caught me!"

Well the decision was they had to do everything one last time.. I am not kidding the "big" kids were worse than the "little" ones tonight, well the boys I think Staci is excited even though she says she is not ready.
So jump in guys lets race!

I wonder if Cam wipes out on his bike if we can delay school?

Yeah right no such luck.

Staci and Tara decided on a walk around the block I was waiting when they returned...

I hope they all attack school with this enthusiasm this year!!


Well if you have been looking and are saying "Lorrie where are you?" I have been here but the computer was not...all is well now so watch for more pics and stories soon. ESP tomorrow I know the kids cannot wait for the first day of school pictures Steven already said so and Staci said yep especially you it's your first day of High School, although I know she is thinking a lot of school too because we had a BIG talk the other night about college!