Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not for the squweamish (is that a word?) tonight

So I asked and Staci wanted me to take a picture of her latest softball trophy mark! She caught a pitched ball with her shin/ankle area, and as I told her when she asked whats wrong with my foot you can see the bruise has extended down to her foot because there is not much fatty area for the blood to go to. Well Staci wanted to remember this pretty bruise so it is our post for tonight.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Softball Games Have Started

Well the time of year we have been waiting for is here! Staci and Steven are both practicing ball and Staci has started games.
Here are some shots of Staci's tournament this past weekend, we won't worry about the scores or the placement in the tournament but the girls are starting to come together as a team.
Staci at bat,
she hits the ball, you can see the other team looking it was hit to left field.
On third getting instructions from the coach...

ready to go....

...well YES she scored but mom was to busy watching to get the picture,Duh, well there is always next time.
Soon we will have pictures of Steven but games are not starting soon enough for him.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I guess this is the shot to make when you are playing PIG

No rain today and the teeth are feeling better so it was time to be outside. Steven and some of the boys were riding bikes, Staci and big Steven were playing PIG with Triston. Well it didn't take long for the two to come together for the winning shot.
Sorry Staci I did put your picture first even though you came in second.
Congrats Big Steven until the rematch anyway!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dakota stops by!

Dakota is our friend who until last year lived and played on Ida Street. "D" as I always called him stopped by before a youth group meeting in Allegan Tuesday night, whenever he rings the bell and comes in he says "It's good to be home Mrs. H, where is everybody?" Today Cam and Bryon were gone but Big Steven, and Little Steven, (this is how we tell them apart)were here so a ball game broke out!

Dakota tried to tell us he knew where the ball was going!
Steven ever so politely scoring the winning run!

By the way Staci would have been playing also but she was gone with her ball team to watch Hope College girls play softball, and besides I am not allowed to take a picture of her and post it. She is doing well after her teeth coming out although one of the coaches has now nick named her Theodore!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Staci's next couple days!

So here is my post for the day. I promised Staci I would not take her picture and post it here, so the things you see here are the same things that re going to be in Staci's view for the next couple of days, plus the bed, couch, and TV. That's it! Staci came through the oral surgery great very sleepy Aunt Beth came out to see her as we left and give her a kiss she(Staci) gave her a mmm hmm and that was about the same thing Grandma Kay and Grandma Barb got when they said 'I Love You" I won't post what Steven and his buddy got when they came to the car to see her when we got home. Steven was good brother got her stuff from the car and went upstairs to get her favorite pillow and blanket to lay in mom's bed. I read to her for awhile got a new ice pack for her and popped in a movie she is in between sleep and the movie right now. All is well in the Henrickson house right now.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today I am doing two posts because it was such a beautiful day all around
the yard.
One of the best things about our neighborhood is that all of the kids play together,it does not matter your age play is play and I am so impressed with the kids on Ida Street for including others.

Staci and Tara having a heart to heart about something. ...and it is time for getting the first "tan" of the year I guess!It is soo nice to be outside.
This is how the "big girls" ended the day...they had fun but I hope they continue to do well in school to get a good job :)...but the smiles are great!


We were all outside today for hours it was wonderful, I love to work in the yard and the kids can find loads of things to do. Marcia got out her camera and caught some really good shots again. so here are some fun outside shots from Ida Street of Steven.
This one is my favorite!!...and this is one of Steven's favorites.
Steven and his best friend Cameron.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Couple Things I have to Admit!!

OK so usually I am the one who is in on pulling a fast one on someone at work, and I have to admit once in awhile I have said I know just about everything that goes on around here! Well I don't know how they did it but Marilyn, Amy, and Joann got me good on Friday. I got to school and as it was staff meeting day we had to be in the gym at 8:15. Well I knew we were not really having a staff meeting our directors had bought us doughnuts to celebrate Spring break and how well our school had done with our data collection, Mi school report card, ect., you get the idea anyway I thought I was again in the know! Well I got to the classroom and Amy is mopping up water from the floor and says come on I need your help to clean this up... I threw down some towels and said come on we will get it after the staff meeting.. she was soooo slow in coming. Well of course she was she knew that there was a bulletin board FULL of pictures, black arm bands, a walker, and lots of laughs waiting for me in the staff much for me knowing everything that goes on at OAC. Marilyn gives me my walker complete with a bag of "things' I will need to help as I grow old.

Such as Bengay, Aspercream, diapers ect.....

Another thing I have to admit is I love pictures but I think I need to learn not to pose for some of them as they may come back to haunt me....and they have. I also need to say here "Thanks' Staci and Marcie for giving some of these pictures to the girls as if they didn't have enough from school.

My Advice don't do snow angels in your swim suit with a camera near!

If you can make someone smile it's all good!

There were some "well" wishes?!

So what have I learned in these past 50 years....

Enjoy life it's a gift to be shared...

Thank God everyday for giving you the gift.

Don't stop smiling just because things get tough...

A smile is the best gift you can give or get...

God, Family, and Friends keep them all near.

If your family and friends get together watch out,

Just kidding I love you all.

Oh Yeah I have to admit I am "50"