Monday, June 30, 2008


The year of planning and fund raising is over, now it is time to go to Hawaii play soccer and have fun. I am so sure that there will be photos to post and stories to tell. I am sure this will be a memory that will not soon be forgotten by the girls. My hope and prayer is that they first of all have fun, second enjoy meeting new people, and third never forget what great young ladies they are and show it to others.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lets call this one "Steven Tara and the Tooth"

So of course I am always talking about what happens outside or more precisely on the "porch" well tonight was no exception! Tara had a loose tooth that she desperately wanted out,try as she may she could not get it out.Steven, who we have often said is the family pro on pulling his own teeth because of the trip we took to Florida when he pulled two for something to do, had lots of advice for Tara on how to pull the tooth. He was even giving her examples on how to pull the tooth.
After trying several times on her own Tara hesitantly agreed to let Steven help.
Try as he may Steven could not pull the tooth either.
The next thing was to try the old stand by tie the string and slam the door.
Steven tried several times to tie a piece of dental floss to Tara's tooth and he did get it to stay on one time to try and shut the door but alas this did not work either.
Well at the end of it all Tara still had her tooth (in her mouth) and so the tooth fairy will not be coming tonight. I felt bad for Tara she worked so hard and apparently was hoping for tooth fairy money for the ice cream lady to come by tomorrow.
Determination, determination, determination, I hope Steven and Tara both keep theirs strong!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The fisherman

First you have to put the bread on the hook......then you wait.
The fish takes the bread...
...then you wait.
Let him fight a little while...

...walk him down to the lower platform...

...take him off the hook!
Any questions?
We didn't need anymore fertilizer so the fish did not come home with us.

Beautiful Sight

Tonight Steven and I were eating supper and it was very sunny when it started to rain. I said Steven there should be a rainbow lets go look sure enough this is what we saw..not one but two rainbows!

Had to put this picture in it catches the rain drops off of the roof(tarp).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our garden

This is a picture of the fence between Marcia and Terry's house and our's. I wanted to wait for my Holly Hocks to be in bloom but the beautiful roses may be gone by then, notice my beautiful bird feeder that Steven hung at Christmas.
This is a picture of the path in front of the house, later in the year I will post a picture of the morning glories that are coming up in front of the fence. The vines up by the porch are coming back they are still brown in the middle the deer were up to the porch and eating them this past winter.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer fishing!

Steven and his friend Bryon have been going down town to try their hand at fishing... fishing for "Carp" no we are not going to eat them!! The boys like to fish for them because they sure do put up a good fight and it is just "cool' to say you got the big one in. Well last night I told them that they make good fertilizer for my flowers if you bury them so if they caught one they should bring it home. Steven's eyes lit up "your flowers if I catch one I am going to bury it by my cantalope"....

Hey look Steven caught one and yep they brought it home...

This is what the cantalope look like right now...

...and yep as you can see they are getting the fish, much to Staci's dismay lol she does not want a yard that smells like fish!I am sure that we will keep the progress posted. I love it when they try all life has to offer at least most days we will see how this one turns out.

June 14 oh WOW beat by an "old" team

Well in getting ready for hawaii Beth came accross a team of 30+ year old ladies who still play competitive soccer. These women call themselves the "Warmones" and they collect used soccer equipment and donate it to needy areas so kids can play soccer, how cool! Well they offered to play our girls in an exibition game to have a scrimage before they play in Hawaii.....the score well lets just say when there is a lady who is 52 on the team don't assume you will jump in and beat them so easily .....or at all. Here are a couple shots from the game.Before the game...
After the game.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Games Started For Steven

After the long wait games for Steven have finally started!Let the games begin, tonight was the second game and it was probably good I forgot my camera for the first game. We won't mention the score here from that game since I have no pictures from it. What I will say is tonight we beat Wayland 9-3 and man did the guys play well!
It was HOT but no one notices until the game is over.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh Boy Here We Go

I think these three are getting ready to try out for "BAY WATCH"

I don't think David Hasselhoff will be calling soon, but hey it's good to dream...

...maybe if they try the beach instead of a sprinkler? In all reality I love to see the boys still find time to be boys and goof off, who says the sprinkler is only for the little kids!!

YES!! As I said in a post I did in the winter we were ready for summer and the porch times. Well they are here, the weekend we had Tammi and Jack, Mrs. Morgan, and Staci and I, one time. Another time it was Marcia, Tara, Staci, and I having "girl talk", the neighbor in the back walked by and said it is really summer now because you are all sitting outside.

Last night Marcia the kids and I, we had a serious "life" talk and then Marcia and I left and the kids hung out for a while.

Tonight it was these three yahoo's, Tara and myself.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Look what Staci got

The Sports Banquet was tonight for softball and as I have already posted Staci has been playing Varsity Ball so tonight she got her Athletic Letter...way to go Muffit!!As her coach said tonight they may not have had a winning season but they did come to gather as a team and learned allot.
THANK YOU Coach Hammon!
THANK YOU Coach Woodhams...

...on to summer ball.


Well this is going to be one of those posts where I get a little mushy, first because my son is leaving middle school and of course we all know when I write at night I get sentimental.

If you look in the picture just above the m in middle school you will see Steven (yes on crutches) this is the parting picture they take in the fall for the 8th graders.

I am so proud of Steven for how he is growing into such a fine young man...He has some very strong opinions on life and the ways of the world(sorry Uncle Bob that means Barrack Obama right now) He has a strong opinion of right and wrong, there is no gray area it is black or white, which I admire in him and also struggle with because it does cause a problem or two now and then. Steven is a good friend and has shown how well he will stand by his friends and support them through some tough times especially at such a young age. He also has chosen good friends that have been there with him through some rough stuff.

Well today was the last day of school for Allegan so that meant awards ceremony for the 8th graders as they become freshmen. Steven got the picture above an academic certificate for good grades, certificates for passing all the MEAP standards, and the one below which he was the most proud of......and as he was quick to point out it is not just a citizenship award it is the "Principles Award", which means he had excellent citizenship for all three years of middle school, which in Steven's words means "never got in trouble AT ALL pretty much perfect"
Well "pretty much perfect' is a hard standard to live up to but I am happy with my normal happy young man. Keep up the good work Steven, remembering that you have your faith in God, and a family that will support you no matter what may come in the future. Stick to the path you are on and High School will be fun you know like I always say to ya 'You can do it"

First Pool Time of the year!

This past Sunday we had the first poo;l party of the summer,
thanks Dave and Karen!

We have a great neighborhood .

Staci and Mason get ready to play chicken.

Steven and Syerra playing monkey in the middle.

I am sure these are just the start of the summer fun pictures to come, be it in the pools on the porch or in the lot...keep an eye out as I have said before you never know what you will see on Ida Street>