Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving we always go shopping, we had a good time spent some money and got some good deals. One of the things we like to do is go out for a nice meal this is not just a part of our day it is the first gift to each other for Christmas. Well tonight I have a little story from the day, the point is not to guess where we ate but what we learned while we ate.

Here is Steven holding a crab claw....

Now if you were Staci and Steven was holding the claw would you put your finger in if Steven asked you to?

I think you would all say no, and so should have Staci as Steven pinched. Half of the people in the restaurant jumped as high as Staci did when she screamed. I just sat there and stared in disbelief that she actually did it, we all laughed so hard we were crying. ....And yes she does have a mark still.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some random "Thankful" moments from 2008

Well these are in no particular order just some of our most "thankful" moments of 2008 a few I have posted before but then that must mean we really liked what we were doing at the time, or are very thankful for the people in them.

This first one was a BIG step for the mom you see I do not do heights but we really could get some good photo's if we past this sign. Yikes Staci and the other girls went, so I threw caution to the wind(OK I should have been a better example but I love my picture moments) and did it too!!

OK so I don't have a picture of me, I had to take the pics, but I was there and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

The next couple of shots are of friends at our Halloween get to gather.

Jimmy always has something to say, and is good at getting his point across.

Thank- You God for friends!

Well this is what Bud and I thought of Jimmy's point of view this time.

The kids really have had some great coaches over the years and here is a shoot of Steven and his soccer coach for school this year. Steven had a great time and for that we are thankful.

A great time was had in Hawaii and I have posted several pictures already from the trip here are a couple more again I have to thank God for friends!

We had a ball! First night, I know the faces are hidden but I love this picture the sun was getting ready to set and when it goes in Hawaii it goes fast.

...and we teased Steve about how lucky he was...
Yes Staci 2008 was the year of "Twilight"

More WONDERFUL friends and the "Summer Games on Ida Street" as we call them...

could have called this "stand by me" all of theses kids would be there for each other in a heart beat , and some have been they are a GREAT bunch of kids.
For every one we are very thankful.

"Little" Steven, "Big" Steven, Staci and Lisa what a crew! It is really something to be thankful for when the people you look up to are your friend as well as captain and coach!

This is my favorite picture of the year!!

The girls of Ida St.

The handsome dude on the block!

This was a very thankful day !!!!

When I look at the next pictures how can one help but thank God for all of the blessings He has bestowed on each and everyone of us. I hope each person reading this takes time to look back over the year at the good things and let go of the rough spots.

OK maybe Steven isn't to thankful for this moment this year but soon enough he will be.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year we have many things to be thankful for, here are a few.......and a few more.
But here is what I thank God for every day, these two smiling faces. Do we see eye to eye every day?, Of course not, what kind of ride would that be. There are days when you think "oh boy God what next?" sometimes that is a good statement sometimes well... but then all you have to do is look into these eyes and can truly say "hey I see you God and you are good" I hope everyone had a blessed day with family and you enjoyed a thankful heart today.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look what I started today

I cannot say look what I did today because it is not finished, but I am so excited at how it looks that I had to post my progress. These first two pictures are of how the kitchen counter looked before I started.

These next two are how it looks now after I have started to put up tin tiles. I have more tiles on order so I did as much as I could today without cutting to many of the ones I have. You can see where I need more tiles obviously.

This picture shows the detail of the tiles and the way I choose to put them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight is coming!!!!

Well this summer I posted about the last book in the Twilight series and how I took the girls to the book premiere....this Friday fronts...dry and then back here to paint the backs. Now we just have to count down to Friday...I hope the looooong awaited movie from the first book is opening. The girls have had the tickets for a little over a week already and over the last couple of weeks they have been working on the "new" shirts. First they had to go to Landy's to tie die them...dry, this past Saturday they were here to paint dry, Sunday afternoon back to do the backs dry, and now wear them to school on Friday and of course to the movie!! I hope that, no one gets doesn't snow..and above all the girls can remain sane during the day at school on Friday.

and I think this summarizes the feelings of the any potential dates may want to read Twilight .......

Monday, November 3, 2008

Play Dough Anyone?

Staci is taking a child care and development class at the Vo-Tech Center, the other night she made play dough for credit in this class. Well the final step was to knead the dough with flour until workable. Staci was kneading the dough when Steven finished his homework and he asked if he could help her knead it. I finished dishes and they looked like they were having a great time, and the question "Mom do you want to play too?" The next thing you know there we were playing with play dough for about an hour just like the "Old Days!"

End of Soccer Season

Well I am behind on my posting the computer was down again....apparently didn't get fixed right the first time!!!!Don't pay for online tech support take it to a local person MUCH better job, anyway back to my life stories :)

Steven had his soccer banquet on September 23 and so this is the end of the soccer season for school, it was a good season considering it was a very young team. The boys came to gather I thought as a team comparing the beginning of the season to the end, and they had fun. Steven really enjoyed himself especially since it has been a few years since he played soccer. I was very proud of the improvements I saw and apparently so was his team as he was voted most improved player (by allot of votes Steven said coach told him) So tonight I want to say GOOD JOB Steven and Thank - You Coach Peters!