Saturday, May 16, 2009

may 16, 2009

Well of course we have been busier than busy this spring with ball, which is normal for us. Staci has had more games than Steven but that will soon change as right now Steven is playing and practicing JV ball and also practicing for pony league which games will start with as soon as school is out.
Staci's season record is better than last year so this is good and they won one tournament and today took second in another, the team seems to have been plagued with injury this year, as long as the girls don't get down on themselves they play very well and have come a ways since last year they are still a young team. I am VERY proud of how well Staci has played this year and she has had some workouts in several games as she is the only catcher so if a pitcher struggles Staci has to work extra hard, she has also had some great throw downs to second when girls have tried to steal second and they have gotten thrown out, and her batting has been very good..way to go girl.
Steven has worked hard in school ball for his first year and is having a great time to bad it ends soon. Steven has for the most part the last few years played second, shortstop or out field, primarily second, this year he has gone in to pitch a few times and done very well which he has enjoyed. Today he played with the JV-A team which he was so proud of and did a GREAT job, As grandma Kay said I am sure if they need someone again they will take Steven again so cool. I say JV-A because this year they added a B team which in reality is a freshman team but they did not want to call it that so that boys could move freely between the two teams should they need to, this is why Steven was proud to go the the "A" team.

Well after all of the explanation here are some photos from today.
How cool is this the same number!!I believe we have seen these faces before...oh yeah in a soccer picture several posts ago!

I am so proud of both of you keep up the good work what great sports you are, as well as good players that's the best part of watching you both seeing how you have grown on and off of the field!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom 2009

This is how we see Staci ALLOT of the time during the week, but I was in Awe of my beautiful daughter tonight as she went from this...OH YEAH by the way to this,

no it's not a black glove it's a splint from our 2 1/2 hour stay at the ER last night..

See first picture, you're supposed to catch the ball with the hand that has a glove on it, opps!

But even with the splint look at how

BEAUTIFUL my girl is...

I've said it before and I'll say it over and over she is beautiful inside and out I am so proud of her!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They did it again!

Yesterday was a big day, somebody and a B-day, oh yeah it was me. The day started great woke up at Mom and Dad's had coffee with Mom.Then the kids woke up and Aunt Marcie had called and they planned "an adventure"? Grandma, Grandpa, and I were not invited, that was OK they have great memories of times with Aunt Marcie. The kids left on the "Adventure" Mom and I continued to finish cleaning her cupboards that she and the kids had started the day before. Then the phone call came...."OK Grandma have Mom sit in the chair and close her eyes".... Staci and Steven had gone on a "photo shoot" with Aunt Marcie and Alicia to Rosy Mound Park. There in front of me was my birthday consisted of driftwood, beach grass, beach sand, ferns, something else in the bottom of the vase(right Steven) and BEAUTIFUL pictures of Staci and Steven at the beach!!!!
It is Gorgeous. Here are shots of each side of the bouquet...

Steven wrote I LOVE YOU MOM in the sand...
Staci drew a heart and LEFT HER FOOTPRINTS IN THE HEART...
This is where it happened again they made mom cry, I have the most wonderful kids who I love with all my heart and the best gift is when they share whats in each of their hearts so freely.

Just when I think they can't top what they've done they do it again...
Look at my beautiful gifts from God...

By the way it was NO WAY warm on the day they made this for me but they braved the elements anyway and did it having fun that was part of the gift listening to them tell about it out there. They gave themselves a gift of a great memory to talk about for years to come..remember when we made that bouquet for Mom with Aunt Marcie and Alicia...remember how cold it was...remember Steven's hike up the hill...remember Staci sitting in the prickers to take a picture...REMEMBER HOW WE TOUCHED MOM'S HEART AGAIN!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring is Here! That Means Ball Season!!

It's finally here the day Steven has been waiting for all winter,OK maybe for a few years really, he is playing High School baseball!!
This is a shot of my handsome proud son in his JV Baseball uniform.

This is a picture of one of Steven's greatest supporters, Mrs. Morgan.
"Georgie" is just about as proud as we parents to watch the kids play sports, she loves to watch them play in the lot where they all have learned to play ball. Mrs. Morgan also loves to tell the kids how her boys learned to play ball in the same lot and for the same school.

Steven is even giving pitching more of a shot this year than he has in the past, he is starting at second base which he has played for years. Be sure you give them a look on first before you throw the pitch. ...and of course you have to celebrate with friends after the game, especially friends that will spoil you with cup cakes. I am so very happy for you Steven here's to a great season.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Honor Society

It seems I am posting about Staci again but I guess it has been her week. We are very proud of Staci here to night she was inducted into the National Honor Society. It was quiet a night to listen to the speeches given by the current NHS officers, they were talking about all of the great things the NHS does and the qualities of the students in the Honor Society, and I wanted to stand right up and say way to go you should be so proud of yourselves and it's OK to 'toot your own horn" as the saying goes. This group is, as they said not only great students but great people with drive, conviction, strong morals, and leadership. STACI Jo I was so proud to sit there and listen to the speeches because they describe you, and you I hope are as proud as your brother and I were as we listened.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WOW What does 17 years bring??

17 years ago this was one of my favorite pictures. Two of the best influences on my life, and two of the strongest women you could ever meet. My wonderful Busha and of course my mom.I was so happy to have them both in my beautiful daughters life. Well Busha is no longer with us and Staci remembers little about her telling stories or giving life advice , but she does remember drawing for her and going to the farm to paint and play. My mom, grandma is still giving advice and spending time with her grand kids, Staci long ago was able to say I am taller grandma, but all of the grand kids look up to grandma as a woman of strong faith, family values, and a good card game here and there. 17 years later I have a new person to look up to one with a strong self esteem and getting stronger, one who knows where she wants to go in life, a young lady with a great faith, a supper friend( and she has many good friends) a girl who has been down and not let life keep her down, someone with a strong sense of family, someone who wants to hit the world head on, that's how I would describe my beautiful daughter Staci!!
Happy Birthday Staci Jo
go get 'em !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OAC WInter Olympics

During the month of Feb at school we have Winterfest. Each week we have a different activity the final week we had the "Winter Olympics" My good friend Dar and I were the Emcees for the day.We had several games that involved students and staff I am not posting any photos of the students, but here are some good ones of my friends/coworkers.
During this game everyone put on a paper bag and on the inside was written an animal and the sound they make. The catch to the game was there were 13 bags hmmm you say. well it seems we had one bag with the word donkey on the inside... yep... I am glad my cousins husband Gary has a good sense of humor.
During this game since we had hardly any snow and the assembly was inside so the entire school could attend we turned several staff into snow men with good ole' TP and this is the one who won the contest. Thanks for being a good sport Rick!

Well I think I may have to plan a summer olypics....