Monday, March 16, 2009

Honor Society

It seems I am posting about Staci again but I guess it has been her week. We are very proud of Staci here to night she was inducted into the National Honor Society. It was quiet a night to listen to the speeches given by the current NHS officers, they were talking about all of the great things the NHS does and the qualities of the students in the Honor Society, and I wanted to stand right up and say way to go you should be so proud of yourselves and it's OK to 'toot your own horn" as the saying goes. This group is, as they said not only great students but great people with drive, conviction, strong morals, and leadership. STACI Jo I was so proud to sit there and listen to the speeches because they describe you, and you I hope are as proud as your brother and I were as we listened.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WOW What does 17 years bring??

17 years ago this was one of my favorite pictures. Two of the best influences on my life, and two of the strongest women you could ever meet. My wonderful Busha and of course my mom.I was so happy to have them both in my beautiful daughters life. Well Busha is no longer with us and Staci remembers little about her telling stories or giving life advice , but she does remember drawing for her and going to the farm to paint and play. My mom, grandma is still giving advice and spending time with her grand kids, Staci long ago was able to say I am taller grandma, but all of the grand kids look up to grandma as a woman of strong faith, family values, and a good card game here and there. 17 years later I have a new person to look up to one with a strong self esteem and getting stronger, one who knows where she wants to go in life, a young lady with a great faith, a supper friend( and she has many good friends) a girl who has been down and not let life keep her down, someone with a strong sense of family, someone who wants to hit the world head on, that's how I would describe my beautiful daughter Staci!!
Happy Birthday Staci Jo
go get 'em !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OAC WInter Olympics

During the month of Feb at school we have Winterfest. Each week we have a different activity the final week we had the "Winter Olympics" My good friend Dar and I were the Emcees for the day.We had several games that involved students and staff I am not posting any photos of the students, but here are some good ones of my friends/coworkers.
During this game everyone put on a paper bag and on the inside was written an animal and the sound they make. The catch to the game was there were 13 bags hmmm you say. well it seems we had one bag with the word donkey on the inside... yep... I am glad my cousins husband Gary has a good sense of humor.
During this game since we had hardly any snow and the assembly was inside so the entire school could attend we turned several staff into snow men with good ole' TP and this is the one who won the contest. Thanks for being a good sport Rick!

Well I think I may have to plan a summer olypics....

Skills USA

I am late in posting this, but I am still proud of Staci.

The day after Snowcoming she was entered in a competition for her Tech Center class so she got up at.....
And then she got dressed and headed out,
doesn't she look like a teacher...

Keep up the good work Staci!!