Sunday, October 19, 2008


In case anyone ever wonders who has one of the best families in the world it is us. Here are some shots of why we believe was time to put the new roof on this past Saturday we might miss the "tarp" but the roof is much more endearing to our hearts.

I hope you all appreciate your parents as much as I do mine, they have been a strong and constant force in my life (even at times when I thought I didn't need them to be) for this there is no way to thank them enough for all they have done or do!

I don't think anybody give me more grief than Hank and Bob, but if you EVER need them there they are. Neither one of them like to show emotion, Bob gets a stomach ache, Hank just plain gets out of the way. Sooooo Thank You both for all you do, also I want everyone to know how much we love you and enjoy your company. Deb and Kyle you need to get in here too. Kyle you are great young man don't doubt that Staci and Steven look up to you and you should be very proud of that. Deb you are a very kind person and I am glad we have you.

Then of course there are these two, Steven sorry the sun was behind you and not me in this picture, Staci you look good now I am glad I took this before you hit your head again and again and again.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soccer Tournament

We're number 1 We're number 1!!

Thank You Lisa! Look at the faces on these three. They were all so happy to be able to play on the same team. Staci WAY TO GO GIRL we all knew you had a goal in there just waiting to get out but two of them today was great. You have waited so long you should have heard us on the sideline when you were about to score the second one Aunt Beth and I said "she is going to do it again!!" Steven Marc what can I say I see you have two medals there! One for winning the tournament the other ...SPORTSMANSHIP awesome( for those of you who don't know this is decided by the teams we played not our own coach). Big Steven you did a great job as captain this fall you really tried to lead the newer players and that is great, it's kind of hard to be the new kids with a bunch that has played to gather for so long. I am so proud of all of you!

Yes Staci beat the goalie to the ball, you go girl!

And here she is catching the ball and getting control with her knee/thigh.

Steven is racing to the ball he had on his wheels today that was for sure!

Staci had told me just before the announcement that Steven was getting one of the two Sportsmanship Medals for our team, we are both very proud of you Steven way to go!!

Well that's it for soccer until spring but ....


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great Day Here!!

What a fun day I don't know who was more excited Staci Steven or the mom. This was the first time ever besides church softball(which is very fun not real competitive though), that Staci and Steven played a sport on the same team. Steven was done with school soccer on Thursday at 6:30 and at 6:45 he was ready to play AYSO with Staci. Today they had a regular game tomorrow they have a mini tournament so I will have more pics to post.
This picture is at home before the game.

This is the "trying to be cool look", I said WOW look how alike you two look in this picture. Staci and I had never seen it this much before... As mom I really don't think this is an intimidating look, SO CUTE!!

Staci with the throw in.

Steven getting ready to pass to Staci(#12 in the corner)

That's a kick!

This is my favorite picture, I don't think I need to explain....I LOVE those two and am sooooo proud of all they accomplish!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Parents Night

Wed night was parents night at the soccer games, the players thank the parents for the support they have given them through the season and the moms get a carnation. Well I would like to thank Steven for being such a great son.