Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring is Here! That Means Ball Season!!

It's finally here the day Steven has been waiting for all winter,OK maybe for a few years really, he is playing High School baseball!!
This is a shot of my handsome proud son in his JV Baseball uniform.

This is a picture of one of Steven's greatest supporters, Mrs. Morgan.
"Georgie" is just about as proud as we parents to watch the kids play sports, she loves to watch them play in the lot where they all have learned to play ball. Mrs. Morgan also loves to tell the kids how her boys learned to play ball in the same lot and for the same school.

Steven is even giving pitching more of a shot this year than he has in the past, he is starting at second base which he has played for years. Be sure you give them a look on first before you throw the pitch. ...and of course you have to celebrate with friends after the game, especially friends that will spoil you with cup cakes. I am so very happy for you Steven here's to a great season.

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